How Do You Get a Guy To Ask You Out?

Do You Already Have His Attention?

Want a guy to ask you out? Tired of waiting for him to make the move? Then you may need to give him an extra hand at asking you out by sending the message to him without him actually knowing what you are doing. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

How to get a guy to ask you out

Waiting For Him to Ask You Out?

First, in order for a guy to ask you out, you have to get his attention and get him to like you, think about you, dream about you….whatever. You have to be someone he wants to ask out.

But if you already have that in the bag, then here are:

7 Ways To Get a Guy To Ask You Out

1. Share an interest – If he likes baseball then show him you like baseball as well. If he thinks you like something he likes, it will give him more incentive to ask you out. It will make it easier for him (take the pressure off) and it will give him an excuse to do it.

2. Be approachable – If you can make him at ease with you then chances are he will feel comfortable asking you out. Make sure you are very easy to approach and do not reject him in any way when he says something to you.

3. Give him your number – Find an excuse to give him your number so that he can text you. Maybe you can say something like “If you hear about when that event we were talking about is coming up, text me.” This will give him your number and your open permission to text you. That’s how you get a guy to ask you out over text!

4. Let his friends know you are interested – Sometimes all it takes is a push from someone he knows. If he finds out that you are actually hoping he will ask you out through a friend of his then he will be more likely to do it. Sneaky? Yes. But it works!

5. Be funny – If he is having a good time around you, and feeling good because of you, then he is going to likely want to be around you more. It’s human nature to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good. He won’t be able to resist asking you out! You make him feel good and the only way to make sure he see’s you again is to ask you out.

6. Ask him for a favor– Don’t ask him to do something like carry your books or something that might make him upset at you. Instead, ask him to do something for you that is in line with his interests. For instance, if he is a pro at building bird cages (it just came to mind), then ask him if he can make you a bird cage for your new parakeet. Chances are he will try to arrange a time to get together and hash out the details, and even if he doesn’t it will give you a stronger bond and cause him to be more likely to ask you out in the near future.

7. Be available for a limited time – If a guy thinks that he doesn’t have a lot of time to ask you out the he may be more likely to put some instant effort into it. This doesn’t mean you should be flirting with every guy that comes your way, but just be as attractive as possible and get as many guys as you can looking at you with a twinkle in their eye. If he sees this, he is likely to put a rush on asking you out, before he misses his chance.

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