Big Butts: What Is The Allure

Is There A Scientific Reason Why Men Are Attracted To Big Butts?

It seems to be all about the booty. Some women are getting fat and silicone injections, and many others are trying to naturally increase their butt size through exercise and supplements. In short, all the attention is on the butt right now. But, do men see more than just a feminine curve? Is there an […]

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hypnosis MP3 for worry

Beat Worry And Anxiety With Headphones And 39 Minutes

To say the last week has been rough on me is an understatement. I’ve been trying to overcome my worry and anxiety, but not doing very well at it. It’s funny because last week I wrote about a new stress dissolving technique I found, and I was complaining about my stupid neighbor. She seems kind of small […]

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Claim Your FREE Hypnosis MP3 Session!

Why I Think Hypnosis For Stress Is Pretty Effective

I deal with stress in a variety of ways, but one way I have never tried is hypnosis. I guess I’ve always been a little skeptical of it. One time, I went on stage to be hypnotized and apparently I couldn’t get into that deep of a state. So, I figured it just wouldn’t work […]

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This is one way to arouse a man in bed

How to Arouse a Man in Bed Directly Or Indirectly

You know he’s asleep, or almost asleep, and you have a sudden urge to get it on! How are you supposed to arouse him and send him a huge hint that you are ready and willing to go? Well there is the most obvious way to arouse a man in bed. Start the process by […]

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How To Handle A Guy Who is Bad At Sex

My Boyfriend Is Really Bad At Sex!

Most men are not born with the ability to understand women and what they need in bed. Men are born with the ability to figure out how to please themselves though! So if your man is quick in bed, and gets right to the point – his pleasure, then you may need to let him know how […]

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